Electricity Facts Label (EFL)

Electricity Price Average Monthly Use 500 kWh 1,000 kWh 2,000 kWh
Average Price per kWh 47.6¢ 23.8¢ 11.9¢

The average price above only includes the costs for electricity generation, regulated charges from the applicable TDU for transmission and delivery charges for service to Customer’s ESI ID as indicated below.  The above averages exclude non-recurring charges from the TDU, other fees as stated in the Terms of Service, state and local sales tax, the PUC Assessment and gross receipts reimbursements. The averages above may be different than the Price shown on the bill due to differences in Usage and Value-Added Services Customer selected.

Base Charge $238.00 per billing cycle
Energy Charge (0 to 2000 kWh) $0.00 per kWh
Energy Charge (usage over 2000 kWh) $0.155 per kWh
Selected Value-Added Services: None.
Other Key Terms and Questions

In the event that your first or last billing cycle as determined by the TDU is less than 30 days, your base charge will be the base charge as stated on the EFL divided by thirty then multiplied by the number of days in the billing cycle. See Terms of Service statement for a full listing of fees, deposit policy, and other terms.

Disclosure Chart
Type of Product Fixed Rate
Contract Term 24 Months
Do I have a termination fee or any fees associated with terminating service? Yes, New Power Texas will assess a termination fee of $125.00.
Can my price change during contract period? Yes
If my price can change, how will it change, and by how much? Your price may be adjusted to reflect changes in charges from the TDU, changes to the ERCOT, PUCT, Texas Regional Entity or other administrative fees, or other costs and expenses incurred by New Power Texas as well as if you terminate a Value-Added Service. See Section 2 of the TOS for additional information.
What other fees may I be charged? Please see Section 3 of the Terms of Service. These fees are not included in Price.
Is this a pre-pay or pay in advance product? No
Does the REP purchase excess distributed renewable generation? No
Renewable Content This product is 21% renewable.
The statewide average for renewable content is 29%
Pulse Power, LLC d/b/a New Power Texas (PUC Certification Number 10259)
10200 Grogans Mill Rd, Suite 150, The Woodlands, Texas 77380
Toll-free 888-853-5747 (8AM-7PM Central Time, Monday through Friday)
Email: customercare@newpowertx.com https://www.newpowertx.com/

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